Get Your Mom the Perfect Present!

Don’t know what to get your mom this Mother’s Day? We got the perfect present for you to give her! This May 9th, enjoy a whole day dedicated to celebrating your mother by gifting her with some of the most gorgeous canvases you have ever seen. The purpose of this blog is to inspire the little artist in all of us and help find the perfect piece of art to gift or maybe even try recreating with our own moms on this joyful day.
Check out some potential present options below!
“Mother & Baby Tiger” is a gorgeous painting that shows us the tender love a mother has for their child. The painting specifically appears to have a mother tiger that is embracing its cub acting and playing the role of a protector to shield  its child from the dangers of the wild. If you think your mom is a hero and continuously demonstrates power and fierceness, such as the tiger shown in the painting, then this canvas is going to be the perfect present for her! 
“Abstract Woman” features a gorgeous painting of a woman being the source of light within a world full of darkness.  In the painting, one can also notice that the woman’s eyes are covered by her hair which can also be considered symbolism for how a mother’s love is blind and unconditional. This will be the perfect present for your mom because just like many mothers out there they brought us into this world and continue to light it up by showering us with their love and radiance.  This is an amazing piece which not only encompasses all what Mother’s Day is about but also helps us look at the entire day in a new light.  
“Mother’s Love - Synthia Saint James” is a gorgeous piece that shows a mother laying in bed with her young child and providing comfort and warmth. This entire painting makes one feel nostalgic about their childhood and will make an amazing painting to gift their mothers, this Mother’s Day. 
The “Baby Elephant” is a relaxing painting of a mother elephant being a guide and source of direction for its child, while the sun sets in the background. This piece is an amazing reflection of motherhood itself, as it shows us that even when the world gets dark, you can always trust your mom to always be there to help guide you to the right path. 
This brings us to the end of the blog post, we hope you feel inspired already and that these potential paintings resonate with you.  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there is still some time left for you to hurry over to our website to place an order now.
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