10 Paint By Diamond Kit For Singles Day


As many of you online shoppers know, November 11th is a HUGE day for the e-commerce world. Sites and stores globally grab all their best-selling items and give their customers an "Early Black Friday" that has come to be known as Single's Day! What originated as a sales tactic from Jack Ma and Alibaba Group has taken a toll on the online shopping realm and has created an uproar of customers looking out for these special sales. I'll just say this, if you're someone looking for a spectacular deal to claim this November 11th, we've got exactly what you need! Our Paint By Diamond Kits have become a massive trend in the online world and are popular on a global scale. We've got everything you could ever want, cartoons, nature, movies, paintings, and so much more! We want to welcome you into November with an excellent selection of our top 10 Singles Day Paint By Diamond Kits I KNOW you will adore & love. So sit back, relax, grab all the popcorn you want, and get ready for your superb Singles Day savings!


10. Van Gogh Starry Night

If you're an avid fan of historic artwork, I think this is your top pick! This intricate painting has been recreated thousands upon thousands of times, so why not give yourself a replica that looks identical to the original? The second you finish this painting you'll realize how gorgeous it looks no matter where you decide to place it. Oh, P.S... once you're friends see this, they are going to be endlessly impressed with your art skill and mastery, so enjoy the moment! 

9. Bird And The Flower

If your Singles' Day is looking to be filled with color, this Paint By Diamond Kit is the only thing you'll need! The instant blossoming colors will invite an entirely new style into your home within seconds of you completing the painting. Watch as this unique warm-colored flower and beautiful hummingbird creates an inviting and comforting feeling in your home. I'll tell you this, I've done this painting, and my goodness, it's my favorite thing EVER! 

8. Autumn Forest

With Fall being my favorite season of all time, this one seemed like a no-brainer when it came to making this list. Not only that, but Singles Day is in the Fall, so this scenery works perfectly with today's day and age. This immaculate forestry combined with the natural beauty of a calm river makes for an elegant & luxurious twist to your everyday artwork and adds a reflective touch of wonder and resilience to your home. If you're a fall-lover like me and are looking for some sweet Single's Day savings, this is your choice! 

7. Flowers & Butterfly

An excellent entrance into a colorful world brings you a wondrous style. Single's Day is looking like a paradise with this Paint By Diamond Kit! The gorgeous sightline of the vibrant flower and the quaint but elegant butterflies collaborate to give you a top-notch art piece that is sure to stand out tremendously in your home. Even if you're looking to gift this to someone, no matter the environment, this natural beauty will thrive. Singles Day savings are here, so there's no better time to pick one up!

6. Flowers And Bicycle

If you're someone who dreams about a tranquil canopy of nature with a beautiful walking path, this Paint By Diamond Kit will bring you the purest feeling of environmental beauty. The gorgeous color scheme of the blossoming floral arrangements combined with the simplistic style of the bicycle in nature will bring you nothing but smiles and awes. If you want a stunning natural piece to enter your home and change your ambiance, you're in the right place! 

5. Colorful Stone

Coming in at the halfway mark on this list we follow suit as the previous listing with an awe-inspiring natural piece that instantly boosts character and atmospheric vibes within your home. Just take a glance at all the unique shapes & colors within this painting and envision how perfect it would look hung up in your favorite room of the house! As a bonus, you get a hyper-realistic-looking painting that you did yourself, so go on, brag about your excellent art skills! 

4. Sunset Tree

Moving on to the latter half of this list we start with a bang! This incredible Sunset Tree Scenery artwork is a tremendous way to bring a luxurious art style into your home. The only difference is that YOU did it! This Paint By Diamond Kit will bring you an instantaneous fun experience and will leave you with an extravagant painting that fills your heart with joy. Don't miss out on this guy, it could be the best move for your Single's Day! 

3. Sea Turtles

Here we are, it's time for the Top 3! Imagine diving into crystal-clear tropical waters with tons of wildlife surrounding you with their beauty. That's exactly what this art piece brings to you! The extraordinary color schemes and booming tones are sure to give you the most elegant artwork your home could need, and it all came by your hand. Be proud of the artwork you do and show off this gorgeous scenery piece, you'll 100% get some heart-warming comments! 

2. Cartoon Birds

Adding a touch of color has been a popular denominator amongst most of these Paint By Diamond Kits, but this one takes color to a whole new level! The Cartoon Birds' natural beauty is jam-packed with vibrantly colored birds from all over the world. These birds are perched on the same branch giving your home some worldwide exposure, while also displaying a gorgeous amount of color. Single's Day won't be right without this guy!



1. Create Your Own 

If you've been following the Paint By Diamond journey throughout the E-Commerce world, you'll already know that our Create Your Own Paint By Diamond listing is what put us on the map! Thousands upon thousands of community members & customers have sent us their very own personalized photos that we turn into an art masterpiece for you to complete. No matter what photo you want, we can do the trick for you and give you a loving gift, or simply a family-based art piece that you can add to your home whenever you please. Trust me, this is not one you want to miss out on. We've had hundreds of people telling us how thankful they are to have their artwork put up in their homes, and we KNOW you'll enjoy it too! 


All in all, Single's Day Savings are just beginning! November 11th is right around the corner, so keep your eye out for any Paint By Diamonds news to find the best possible savings for you. Any of these 10 Kits, along with the hundreds of options we have will make your Single's Day a success in 2021. So, why not move your cursor a bit and head to our site to get the Kit for you? Single's Day is calling out to you, and it's time for your artwork to come to life! 

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