How Diamond Painting Is Different From Coloring Or Painting With Paint

Looking for some fun arts and crafts you can do at home with the family? Perhaps you’ve tried painting in the past and found the experience a bit too messy or not to your liking. If that’s the case, why not give paint by diamonds a try?

Unlike the paint by numbers kits which also state you need no prior art experience to enjoy and complete them; a paint by diamonds kit actually doesn’t require any art experience whatsoever! Today, we’ll be taking you through the differences between Diamond Painting and regular coloring or painting as we’re sure many customers are still quite curious!

What is Diamond Painting

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In our enthusiasm to share our Diamonds kits with everyone we’ve, unfortunately, neglected to really tell people what Diamond Painting really is. The name itself may serve to confuse people as there actually is no real painting involved! At least, not in the traditional sense.

Instead, you can think of Diamond Painting as creating a mosaic or pointillism. Instead of using paint and brush strokes to piece together an image (like one might in a paint by numbers kit), you place little beads of color on specified points that create a larger picture when grouped together. If you’re familiar with pixel art, you can even think of it like that!

Size makes a world of difference

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As painting by diamonds relies on a collection of beads or jewels to create the whole image, there are limitations that come with it. For instance, we use a specific size for the beads. Therefore, if you print the image out on a small canvas, it is bound to look more abstract and pixelated as the beads don’t shrink with the picture. 

If you buy a large canvas, then there’s more room for the beads and you can create more complicated patterns and shading since there’s more space to work with. Due to this, the larger the size of the kit you buy the closer the end result will be to the original picture.

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Still having trouble picturing this? Then let’s walk through a more visual example you can try at home. Open a digital painting program and make a canvas that’s 50 pixels by 50 pixels wide. Now select a brush that’s 5 pixels wide and draw a line. It probably looks a little jagged right? That’s because the canvas is very small and each pixel that makes up your drawing is a lot more visible. Now try making a canvas that’s 500 pixels by 500 pixels wide and draw another line with the same brush. This one probably looks a lot smoother right? 

These same concepts are applied when you work with our Diamond Painting kit. While this does mean it may take you more time to complete a near photo replication of the final image; the end result is absolutely breathtaking! Plus, you get all the bragging rights if you complete it by yourself!

Work at any pace you want

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Unlike traditional painting, Diamond painting doesn’t have any time limits on it. Where in painting you have to worry about the paint potentially drying up or having to mix colors while they’re still wet on the canvas, the process of making a mosaic is much more relaxed. The only real thing you need to worry about is whether the adhesive is still sticky, but even then you can get new adhesive easily and it’s not like the beads are going to wither away if you don’t work on it for a month.

In the end, Diamond Painting is much more leisure activity that is relatively straightforward. You just have to place beads where they’re needed and go through the repetitive process over and over until you’ve placed your last piece. There’s no hurry at all so you can choose to work as fast or slow as you’d like.

Less messy

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Since there’s no paint nor much waiting for pieces to dry, there really isn’t much risk of causing a mess while making a Diamond Painting. The most mess there could be, is if you were to accidentally spill some beads or the space it takes up while you’re in the process of creating it.

You also don’t have to worry as much about messing up the artwork as it’s not like you can smudge it. Sure you could accidentally place a bead or diamond in the wrong spot, but you could easily pop that piece out too if you notice it early enough. Even if you don’t, you can likely pry it off with enough effort; just be careful not to rip the canvas in the process. At the end of the day, a single stray bead or diamond won’t ruin it either!

If anything, you’ll be able to say your piece is unique with the little mistakes and splashes of wrong colors!

Doesn’t require too much focus

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Lastly, painting by diamonds really doesn’t require much attention at all. The most you have to worry about, is whether you’re placing them in the right place. Other than that, you can easily get away with binging through a tv series or chatting with friends as you work away! You can even get the kids involved as though you were creating a family puzzle; except a more decorative one that you might want to hang on the wall afterwards.

Now that you know the difference between Diamond Painting and regular painting, why not give it a try yourself? Click Here to shop our collection today!