Mother's Day: Our Top 5 Paintings

Are you ready to celebrate your Mom? This year Mother's Day is on May 9th and we can't wait to honor the mothers of our families. That special day is coming up and we want you to be prepared with all the canvases you need. In this blog post we have found our top five Mother's Day themed diamond paintings that you can give to your mother and family. Maybe you can set up a painting day for Mother's Day and paint these beautiful canvases with her.

Check out our chosen collection below:

This is a bold painting that you can give your mother for Mother's Day! Mother Wolf and Baby features a strong black and white wolf looking over a baby dressed in warm Eskimo attire. This painting portrays a strong sense of care and protection from the wolf as it looks over the young child. This painting is great for anyone who loves wolves and appreciates their motherly instinct  You can put this up in any bedroom, living room, or bedroom.

This painting shows the warm love of a mother and her young son. Mother & Baby features a portrait of a mother holding her son close to her chest with her head garment covering him. The painting features rich colors of gold and turquoise. This would be perfect to put in any room where you want to bring comfort to a little one. There is a sense of religious protection that shines from this canvas.

The Mother & Baby Wolf painting features a mother wolf licking her baby wolf while playing around with him in the grass. This cute canvas captures the fun and loving relationship between a mother and her wolf cub. If you have a fun relationship with your mother, this would be the perfect painting to create together. You'll have lots of fun putting all the diamonds together to create this crazy masterpiece.

For those who want a more religious take on Mother's Day, Mother Mary and Baby Jesus is a canvas that captures the loving relationship between the two. This canvas features Mary holding baby Jesus intertwined in her head scarf as she sits between white flowers. In the background you can see a beautiful field with rays that are shining down from the sky. This is a great comfort piece to put into your home if you want to showcase a mother's true love. It would be great to put up in any bedroom or living room of your home.

With Mother's Day,  It's always important  to celebrate those going into motherhood. Flower Fairy Carts features a young woman in a pink dress pushing a baby carriage that is covered with flowers as butterflies flow amongst them. This is a great piece to showcase a blooming woman going into motherhood or a woman who has just recently had her precious child. We're sure that any mother or expecting mother would be super appreciative of this cartoon-like canvas. 

We hope you loved all of our suggestions for Mother’s Day, however you can always browse our full collections here and find something specific to what you like. You have a few weeks left to get everything you want on time. Click here to browse our whole shop! We hope to see you around for the next holiday and our top favorites. Happy shopping and painting by diamonds!