The 4 Best Classical Paintings to Transform your Environment!


Artwork is a crucial additive to any home. It has been a tradition for generations and truly makes a house a home. The hedonistic designs of our modern era create a new level of comfort with our homes and allow for a great deal of diversity throughout your setting. With booming colors and artistic designs, you can spruce up your space to meet your every need! With that being said, more notable art pieces from history have been a trending topic concerning vamping up your ambiance. Due to the pure bliss and tranquility within these famous works of art, the price tends to be out of range for most homeowners, families, or individuals. We here at Paint by Diamonds have created a platform for you to excel and be creative beyond your wildest dreams! We offer a slew of classical paintings from exceptional historical and recent artists that are sure to succeed in your space. I give you the 4 Best Classical Paintings we have to offer, and why they are guaranteed to light up your atmosphere!


1. Van Gogh Starry Night 5D DIY Paint by Diamond Kit

ÔĽŅKit Size¬†Price RangeÔĽŅ: $14.99 - $59.99

To begin this fantastic list we have arguably one of the most famous paintings ever created! From the exceptional mind of Vincent Van Gogh, we offer you an exceptional kit surrounding his evermore famous 'Starry Night.' This piece is world-renowned and is a clear staple in the artistic industry. The wonderful scenery of a quiet city, combined with the tranquil ambiance and an ominous Cypress Tree gives you the perfect artwork to display in your home, without going through the extensive effort and experience required to be an excellent painter! Surprise your guests with this affordable, yet powerful art piece and remind them of the first time they laid eyes on this masterpiece! 


2. Bedroom in Arles - Vincent Van Gogh 5D DIY Paint by Diamond Kit

Kit Size Price Range: $14.99 - $69.99

Continuing with the trend of Vincent Van Gogh, we add to the list a phenomenal piece known by many as the Bedroom in Arles. Impress your guests with an exceptional display of a strong taste in art and design. The intricate artistry within this painting is sure to add a stylish sense to any room you decide to place this in! With extraordinary form, this painting is sure to enliven the surroundings of your setting instantly! Give an excellent compliment to your home, simply by adding your own spin on this painting! Create your home's masterpiece with ease, and truly spruce up your environment to your liking!


3. The Old Guitarist - Pablo Picasso 5D DIY Paint by Diamond Kit

Kit Size Price Range: $14.99 - $69.99

Coming in at the third spot is the exceptional artwork of none other than Pablo Picasso. The Old Guitarist is a world-renowned classical painting that has exceptional value and character. Our wonderful kits have allowed you to recreate this exceptional painting without the required experience or skill! No matter the setting, this painting is highly recognizable and will stand out incredibly well with it's unique color, imagery, and feel. Put yourself to the test and paint a legendary work of art to entirely transform your ambiance! Create an enchanting view for your guests and peers to view once they step into your home! 


4. The Weeping Woman - Pablo Picasso 5D DIY Paint by Diamonds Kit

Kit Size Price Range: $14.99 - $69.99

Our fourth and final spot on this list continues with another stellar work of art by the world-famous Pablo Picasso. The Weeping Woman is filled with exceptional abstract patterns and bright shots of color that are sure to create a warm tone within your home and compliments your furnishings extremely well! Having this in your space instantly gives a jolt of positive energy, along with a stunning piece of artwork to impress your peers with! Additionally, the gorgeous diversity of colors allows for you to truly enliven your environment! Let this impeccable artwork speak for itself and boost the energy of your entire household! 


Throughout history, art has stood the test of time and has truly spruced up the way we decorate our homes. These four impeccable pieces are like no other and can be done simply without all the needed experience or skill of an artist. If you are in the market for a product that is going to enliven your living space, you've hit the jackpot with these amazing Paint by Diamond Kits! Give it a try and find yourself enjoying your newfound hobby instantly! 


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