About Us


It all began a few years ago with a college trip to Indonesia when a group of art students decided to explore certain parts of Asia in search of art festivals and that is when they had landed in Bali for the Bali Arts Festival.

Fiona and Natty were the most passionate in the group of 8 youngsters and decided to start an extensive study-tour with the locals learning about the importance of the art festival especially because it represents a deep expression of their rich culture.

The roads were filled with parades and dance with a colorful display of ornaments that were worn by the locals which were also used to decorate all parts of the city. A young man had introduced himself as the best painter in his region and went on to show them his works of art which happened to include diamond paintings.

At that point in time, though Natty and Fiona were familiar they had never wrapped their heads around such craftsmanship and were very interested to learn more about his art. That was when a whole new door had opened up for both the girls which they shared with other classmates.

 Although the class was skeptical at first, the two of them decided to go ahead with the project and continued to take up this challenge and were eager to introduce it to the world. After their own experimentations and how easy this work of art was, they started to spread this joy with their peers who have now developed a taste for it.


Soon many of the grads were able to try out painting with diamonds and enjoyed the creativity that the art brought out from them. Fiona had given it a good thought, her aim was to bring this artwork to the average dreamer, and that was when this store was born!

Currently, our store is based in New York and our products are shipped worldwide. We delight in reaching customers in every corner of the globe and giving them this amazing opportunity to try out or enhance their art skills.

Since then we have worked with the prime vision of bringing out creative talents hidden in every individual. We recognize the growing demand of art, so we have decided to make it accessible, easy and simple for everyone to have a chance to create the most stunning wall art using diamonds for paint and hanging their masterpieces on the walls.

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