Welcome to the World of Diamond Painting

Welcome to the World of Diamond Painting

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is the art of gluing cut rhinestones to a textile canvas to make a gorgeous, three-dimensional picture. The idea is to combine the diamond-like pieces to create a final design that sparkles and gives you a great piece of art to gift or display. As you follow directions and select the right piece to put the design together, you will feel the peace of mind and creative spark. 

Our all-in-one diamond painting kit is designed to help you take baby steps and gradually grow as a premier Paint by Diamond artist. This expression of art can be mastered quickly and according to Barbara Schultz, one of our long-standing customers, it is a self-fulfilling activity that could lead to so many benefits including lower stress levels, enhanced focus, and better relationships. 

What’s included in the Original Paint by Diamond Kit?

  • Adhesive framed canvas with film covering
  • Number coded beads by color
  • Diamond applicator tool
  • Adhesive pad 
  • Plastic tray to hold beats

What are some of the best practices in Paint by Diamond?

The process is fairly straightforward and there are no set rules on how to design or complete your Paint by Diamond design. However, we will explain some best practices that you can incorporate to make the best out of each PBD session. 

  1. Spend some time reviewing the canvas as this helps in understanding the painting inside out. The idea is to get a mental image of the painting and this helps enhance your involvement and creative acumen.
  2. Do not peel the film in entirety as you begin. Peel the film as you complete the portions of your design as this would help prevent dust from sticking on to the design and also allows you to take breaks without worrying about it. We have got feedback from customers that starting from the bottom makes it easier to stick.
  3. Make sure that you place the diamonds with the flat side down when you move them to the tray. The diamond applicator pen picks them up in this manner and it makes it easier for you to work with it.
  4. If you plan to take breaks in between, please keep some plastic film handy and wrap the applicator and wax with it so that it does not dry out. 
  5. You could also use a rhinestone applier if the wax dries out or gets soiled during the process. 

What can I do with a finished Paint by Diamond?

Before everything else, we would like you to take a good look at your creative display that required an understanding of colors, fine motor skills, and patience. Congratulations on your finished artwork and it deserves to be appreciated and seen by people. In our recent survey, many of our customers said that their artworks were given as gifts to some of the really close people in their lives.

You could frame the design and gift it to your loved one or showcase it on the wall of your house. Some of our customers also donated the finished painting to charities that work for children. From the moment you decide to buy a Paint by Diamond product, you enter a journey of self-fulfillment and happiness. If you are still not sure, we would urge you to try buying just one design and it is guaranteed that you will come back for more.