What is diamond painting? What makes it so enjoyable?

Let me begin this blog by answering what is diamond painting? Diamond painting is a form of art in which you create/curate a preset design (choose from thousands on our website) using diamond-like pieces with an applicator and wax. The final product is a piece of shining canvas art that can be used as a great gift or displayed at your house or place of work. Diamond painting enables you to discover the artist in you and engage in the creation of art which naturally enhances your feeling of well-being. 

What makes Paint By Diamonds more fun and enjoyable than other paintings?

First off, it’s easy! The process is very straightforward and is similar to paint by numbers, but instead of coloured markers or numbers you are using colored beads! Paint By Diamonds can be therapeutic because it allows the mind to focus on the task at hand and on nothing else. This focus toward one central topic relieves stress on the mind, and in turn relaxes the body. This relaxation minimizes muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, and other physical ailments. Not only will Paint By Diamonds provide an inexpensive form of therapy, you’ll also have a one of a kind amazing piece of artwork when you're done! Painting by diamonds is an exciting and addictive hobby, that can provide deep satisfaction if done the right way.

Once you have your:

  • Adhesive framed canvas with film covering
  • Number coded beads by color
  • Diamond applicator tool
  • Adhesive pad 
  • Plastic tray to hold beats

then you're ready to being!

Follow this graphic for a step-by-step tutorial to create your own PBD art!

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, take a good look at your creative display. Acknowledge the work which was required to intertwine your understanding of colors, fine motor skills, patience, and creativity. 

Congratulations on your finished artwork. It deserves to be appreciated and seen by people. Consider putting it up in a complimentary room in your home or gifting it to someone special. 

From the moment you decide to buy a Paint by Diamond product, you enter a journey of self-fulfillment and happiness. If you are still not sure, we would urge you to try buying just one design and it is guaranteed that you will come back for more.