Flowers & Butterfly 5D DIY Paint By Diamond Kit
Flowers & Butterfly 5D DIY Paint By Diamond Kit

Flowers & Butterfly 5D DIY Paint By Diamond Kit

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Discover the joy of artistic expression with our Flowers & Butterfly 5D DIY Paint By Diamond Kit.

Unleash your creativity and create stunning mosaics, no prior artistry required.

This all-in-one kit offers relaxation, stress relief, and endless fun. Here's why our kit is perfect for you:


  • Stress Relief: Engage in the therapeutic art of diamond painting. It's a proven method to reduce stress, stimulate active thinking, and enjoy plain, simple fun.

  • Endless Entertainment: Immerse yourself in hours of creative enjoyment as you transform your canvas into a grand masterpiece.

  • Art for Everyone: You don't need to be an artist to excel with our diamond painting kit. Explore a variety of themes suitable for all tastes and occasions.


Our Flowers & Butterfly 5D DIY Paint By Diamond Kit includes everything you need for a seamless creative process:

  • Think of it as a modern twist on "color by numbers," but with vibrant colored beads instead of markers.

  • The adhesive pad on the applicator tool efficiently picks up each bead for precise placement.

  • Apply beads (each clearly labeled by number) to the corresponding number on the canvas, one color at a time, ensuring accuracy.

  • Secure the beads with a gentle press, and when not in use, protect your canvas with the included film.

  • Upon completion, unveil your masterpiece with the built-in frame for an elegant display.


  • DIY Home Decor: Craft your own stunning wall art, no artistic talent needed.

  • Perfect for Bonding: Share quality time with family and friends while creating beautiful art together.

  • All-in-One Convenience: We understand the enthusiast's journey. Our kit delivers all the essential tools, sparing you from the hassle of gathering them separately.

  • Ideal Gift: This kit makes a thoughtful and creative gift for any occasion, bringing joy to both novices and experienced crafters.

  • Stress Reduction: Escape daily worries with Paint by Diamonds, a calming activity supported by research on the stress-reducing benefits of creative pursuits.

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