What is Diamond Painting? The Ultimate Guide

I would like to begin this blog by stating how great Paint by Diamonds is! Paint by Diamonds is a fun, interactive craft with endless avenues for creativity. This new form of DIY craft is a fantastic way to bond with friends, family, or anyone else! So, what is Diamond Painting? Diamond Painting is similar to paint-by-numbers and cross-stitch where you take a picture and divide it into a grid pattern which is put on a canvas. Then, by placing a combination of small diamond-like gems called diamond drills over the grid pattern you can recreate the art and give it a whole new dimension! 

The thought behind Diamond Painting is to be the artist while you relax and engage in an activity that’s creative and satisfying. Whether you’re a craft beginner planning on breaking out diamond painting to have fun with your children, or a seasoned pro painter, you will love taking images and turning them into your own custom artwork. Personally, this is one of my favourite hobbies, crafting new designs is enjoyable and relaxing! This activity is super enjoyable and always gives a sense of fulfillment when I complete my goals! 


The process is very straightforward and is similar to paint by numbers, but instead of coloured markers or numbers you are using colored beads! This neat new form of art in which you recreate a preset design (over 10,000 designs on our website) using diamond-like pieces with an applicator and wax. The final product is a shining canvas art that can be used as a great gift or displayed at your house or place of work. 

Diamond painting enables you to discover the artist in you and engage in the creation of art which naturally enhances your feeling of well-being. Paint By Diamonds can be therapeutic because it allows the mind to focus on the task at hand and on nothing else. This focus toward one central topic relieves stress on the mind, and in turn relaxes the body. This relaxation can help minimize muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, and other physical ailments. Not only will Paint By Diamonds provide an inexpensive form of therapy, you’ll also have a one of a kind amazing piece of artwork which you created when finished! Painting by diamonds is an exciting and addictive hobby that can provide deep satisfaction if done the right way. 

When completing your first Diamond Painting, start by observing your preset design and try to create a mental image of it. This can help you feel more comfortable with the design and personally this helps me clear up my thoughts before I start my creative process. Next, apply adhesive from the pad onto the applicator tool (this is how you pick up each bead). Then peel away part of the film (do not remove completely) covering the adhesive canvas and stick your beads (labeled by number) to the corresponding number on the canvas, easy! I've included the step-by-step process below for your convenience!  


 I strongly recommend doing one color at a time as mixing would make it difficult to locate the spaces and the corresponding design. When you've finished a session, re-cover your work with film and press lightly with your hand to further secure the beads to the adhesive. Make sure to keep your design covered with film when not in use; repeat the above whenever you'd like to work on your painting. When completely finished, remove the film covering the canvas and you're ready to display the frame! 

I hope you enjoyed today's blog covering the “Ultimate Guide To Diamond Painting”. Diamond Painting really is a revolutionary way to spend your time. Engage in Diamond Paintings relaxing, creative therapy today! If you're interested in previewing our designs you can SHOP NOW!